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Monday, 8 February 2016

What are my passions? What should I study?

That is the very question I have been asking myself lately since my whole tragic "studying to be a teacher" phase ended with mixed emotions. Well at least I am not sitting around moping about the choice I made to rather quit. Instead I am thinking ahead, towards the future.

Great, so at least I am getting somewhere, even though I am yet to figure out what my passions are and what I should study next. Hmm, I think I should rather say, I am yet to figure out what my passions are and if I actually should study again.

Okay, first things first. What are my passions? Well, as you all can see I am definitely passionate about rambling on and on about my personal experiences. Unfortunately I doubt I can make a career out of rambling, so scrap that.

I love being creative and using my hands and my heart to create beauty, but there is one problem, I did not inherit the ability to sculpt, paint or draw as so many of my other family members and siblings have. So unfortunately this throws all prospects of studying anything in the creative or design categories out the door, since all of these fields of study require some level of drawing, sculpting or painting ability. Even though I can sponge paint walls quite creatively, I doubt this counts. So being creative is another passion I can just practice at home and not take further academically.

Hmm, okay, other passions? Well let me think......

I love animals (but cannot bear to see them get hurt so working with them is out of the question), I love nature (but unless I go into farming I don't see any other career/study prospects in this field), I love people and helping people. Now this might work for me. Whilst studying education, I did a few psychology modules that I enjoyed and did brilliantly in, but does this mean that I will automatically be suited for psychology studies and a future career in psychology? Well so far this is all I have come up with and I am planning on researching into it further. I shall be taking my time in doing this since I am honestly too old (and too financially ruined after my last academic mess up), to make a mistake again. Plus I need to be sure that I can actually be of help to people and not just someone that lands up traumatising or confusing them so much that their problems are worsened.

Once I come to any realisations or find any information that I deem helpful regarding my "prospective future psychology studies", I will create a posting about these. Now I know that some of you might be thinking, "oh heck here comes more boring ramblings from this confused and disturbed individual", but who knows, somebody might actually find some of it/this useful and fitting to their own situations, as I am sure I cannot possibly be the only person out there in this great big world dealing with all this. Surely others have studied the wrong things, and/or battled to discover what they are really passionate enough about to pursue studies in......

If not, well  then I guess I will just keep "rambling" on in my own little blog in order to find my own way in life, and at least I will (hopefully) be helping myself.


  1. What are you passionate about? Is it something you are studying or plan to study in the future, or did you like me, study the wrong thing?

  2. I agree with the thought process you've taken here, I think passion is key.

    At 18 I went to university, not because I was really passionate about something but because all my peers were aiming for that so I went along. I chose Italian and Linguistics because languages were my only forte. The bad thing about my choice was not exactly the subjects but my motivation. I already had a far-from-perfect final year in high school, so I wasn't the most motivated student. I was lazy too. And so, I instinctively rejected the most difficult classes (Linguistics) and failed most of them on purpose.

    Since I was also too lazy to quit completely and go to work, I changed course and went for Tourism Studies (I was thinking more practically here, since tourism is the biggest industry in my country). That did nothing to my motivation though. I failed a couple of compulsory classes and I just gave up, disappointed. I wasted two years. I grew to hate the entire system.

    10 years later, I took the plunge and enrolled again, after quitting my job. Over the years, I discovered my passions and learned how to bring out my motivation. Basically, it's failure that motivated me, I just couldn't accept missing on that chance. I still enrolled in an Arts languages degree (avoiding Linguistics and opting for English instead) and I am doing much better. Why? Because I didn't go with the flow, I chose what I really love and I know what I want to get out of this degree (which is not necessarily related to job prospects).

    Hope it's ok that I commented on an old post; I just found you on Google+ and was checking the old posts to see what it's all about. :) And sorry for rambling, but I'm happy to see another 'rambling' blogger out there :D I also write about my studies and education on my blog, from time to time, if you want to check the link on my Google profile.

    Keep it up, I'll be following you.

  3. Thanks for your comment. I love it when people open up on here so you are more than welcome. I take it you are 28 years old now? I am 35, so it shows how wisdom sometimes does come with age (not that you are old :-) - just wiser from experience). I will definitely check your blog out over the weekend when I have time. Take care xx

  4. Yes I'm 29 soon :) don't worry, I got what you meant and I agree. I feel that going back to university at this age was an advantage for me, I have a better understanding of how seriously I want to take it, this time.
    Thanks, hope to see you on my blog too, take care. :) xx


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