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Monday, 3 October 2016

Your University/College Should Suit You - How to pick the right school

What so many students don't realise is that picking a university/college is the same as picking your friends or partners. How? Well, not every university/college is the same, in that each varsity has its own "vibe" and finding the one whose atmosphere fits your personality best is just as important as finding friends/partners you have things in common with. 

So then, just how do you figure out which school is THE school that is right for you? Well it's much simpler than you think:

1.Visit a few schools well in advance to get a "feel" for them - In your final year of school, make arrangements to visit various universities you have an interest in, so that you can see how you feel about them. Then ask yourself which of the schools you think:
a) fit your personality best
b) you will be the most comfortable at
c) have people in them that are similar in personality to you
d) you can see yourself spending three or four years at
e) offer the best academics 
f) have the best courses 

2. Then, once you have decided on a few that fit you best, do the following things before sending out your letters of application:
a) try and hang out at the local pubs, eateries or other establishments in the varsities' areas to get a feel for the nightlife/social life 
b) speak to a few of the varsities' students to find out more about the schools (and to further get a feel for the types of people who attend these)
c) make sure that you will be able to afford the schools you have chosen to apply to
d) make sure that you will be able to afford housing in the area/areas

3. Finally, once you have your final selection of schools, ask yourself one more time if there are any that you don't see yourself fitting into completely, and throw those out of the pile if any. Then, proceed to write a great letter of application/motivation (further blog postings to follow regarding the proper way to write these) for each application and once done, send them all off. 

Remember, it is important to send out your applications in a timely fashion (the earlier the better).

Good luck and I hope you make it into the university of your dreams!